Cutting Mill

Cutting mills are mills commonly used in laboratories for the preliminary size reduction of soft, medium-hard, fibrous and tough materials.

 A rotor inside the mill revolves at high speed. The rotor is equipped with special cutting plates which comminute the sample material. Different rotor geometries make mills adaptable to different material properties (medium-hard, soft, fibrous or elastic materials). Such mills are suitable for reducing rubber, leather, plastics, grains, dried meat, bones, vegetation and other substances.


Available in SS304, SS316

Suitable for Root, Stalk, Rattan and materials rich in Fiber

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Comply with GMP Standard.


-Technical Specifications




Prodution Capacity(kg/h)



Size of Input Granules(mm)



Motor Power




380 V


Grinding Fineness(Fineness)






Machine Dimensions(mm)



Net Weight(kg)



-Related Names

Cutting Grinder| Pharmacy Mill| Fibre Milling Machine| Powder Making Machine


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